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Walk With Me . . . A Journey of Receiving God in the Every Day


On October 16, 2022
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Everyone has a story.
We’re all looking for something more.
We all need help to get there.

I’m Kim Breuninger, a writer, lay counselor, and qualified Townsend leadership coach. My passion is to share God’s healing love and the path it leads to a joy-filled life. I believe God created us with a longing to be seen and known and has purposed us to encourage one another toward our potential in Christ.

He’s planted a dream in our hearts for loving, trusting relationships with ourselves and others, and promises to show us the way as we bump up against challenges that would otherwise wear us down.

The journey of finding God in each day is an exciting one!

And a courageous one too…

Do you feel unsure about being seen and known?
Are you concerned you’re ‘not okay’ or 'not enough'?
Does the road ahead seem bumpy and dark?
Do you long to understand your purpose?
Are you unsure of where you’re headed?
Do you want to feel you belong?

Then Join Me! Let’s grow the lives we’re meant to live as we look more deeply into who we are as we walk with Jesus.

I look forward to having a part in your story!

In courage and faith,


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